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With Cyber-attacks at an all time high, Is your computer safe?

16 September 2021 Help2u Comments Off
Do you often go out leaving your front door open and all your valuables free for the taking?


Well, of course not! But do you know that running your PC without the right antivirus protection is pretty much the digital version of welcoming thieves into your home?

Cybercrime is quickly becoming more profitable than the illegal drug trade with a cyber attack made every 14 seconds! The truth is that these days our devices are more connected than ever before and yet the vast majority of us do not have adequate protection for our data! In fact, studies show that only 5% of businesses are adequately protecting their company files! Let alone the rest of us mere mortals!

As the world is ever-changing and we are working more and more from home on our own devices or remotely from the office on business laptops, this hasn’t gone unnoticed by hackers and scammers. There has been a marked increase in cybercrime since the start of the pandemic.

We know you have all noticed it. The increase in those spam emails trying to get us to click links to see bills or pay for parcels being held at “Australian Post”! It would be great to say that most of us know how to avoid a malware attack on our PC; however, the data suggests that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error!

So, what can you do to protect yourself or your business from a cyber-attack?

Well for starters, when was your last virus scan?

  • Virus scanning and removal are all about making sure that your antivirus software is fully updated, properly configured, and working to make sure that viruses never affect your computer systems and networks.
  • Having a virus on your PC, not only slows the running of your PC but also will lead to corrupted files, data loss and eventually the death of your PC! If you are lucky that is all that happens.

So, what are the benefits of a professional Virus Scan & Removal?

Well, being able to check your antivirus protection, scan for any current threats and remove any viruses has many benefits!

It can help safeguard your reputation!

Many viruses will try and take control of your email to send out unsolicited emails to your contacts. Best-case scenarios with these emails are professional embarrassment but at their worst, they can be truly horrifying. Some viruses will use your IP address and make illegal downloads that could result in incriminating you in illegal activities. Picking up on these threats quickly can save you a lot of embarrassment and stress.

It will increase your computer’s lifespan!

The basic mission of most viruses is to render a system’s host unusable or to stop you from installing new software, like new or improved antivirus software so you cannot remove the virus! Anyone who has had the unfortunate task of having to reinstall an operating system to get rid of a virus or had to have their PC repaired after a cyberattack will tell you it cost them not only money but the loss of valuable and important data and files.

Lucky for you, here at Help2U we not only know how to spot viruses and malware on your PC but we are well versed in the latest and greatest Anti-Virus Protection!!

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