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What is your ‘why’?

19 November 2017 Help2u 0 Comments
What is your WHY?
I am talking about finding or rediscovering the ‘why’ in business. Chances are you did not start your business for no reason, generally, we are driven by something. This could have been to affect change in your area, to put food on the table, for your children, because you felt you were the best at doing what you do, maybe even because you wanted to be your own boss!
German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’
Have you lost sight of your ‘why’ or has it changed? Can it evolve from what it first was? Does business fail because they lose sight of their ‘why?’
I ask a lot of questions and no not all of them have one set answer and that’s the beauty of life. Those in the same industry don’t automatically have the same ‘why.’
Why do we strive to achieve?
We as humans are constantly working to make more money, or to discover new things. There is no difference whether we are trying to get rich or even to cure cancer; we humans strive to achieve our goals to better our quality of life or the lives of others. Unlike animals, who are wired to simply survive, we humans crave more from life other than mere survival.
Do we better our lives with money? Or is freedom what we really desire? Freedom can come in many different forms: the freedom to make changes within business without waiting for the corporate green lights, the freedom to offer a service or sell a product that does business differently or maybe the more literal freedom of being able to attend your child’s school assembly, dance recital, doctors appointment, or even your own doctors appointment once and for all.When Money isn’t enough

So you are a business owner, you can set your own hours, charge your own rates, and make your own rules… And while the freedom of not having anyone dictate to you or stand over you can be invigorating, the stress of knowing you are responsible for any failures or mistakes can become to heavy a burden for some. This is when your ‘why’ is so important.The fire in your belly when you are talking about something you are passionate about is what will drive you to weather the hard times. I was speaking to a small business owner who recently decided to expand, she had found the premises, set a budget and fancy that the budget blew out. Everything that could go wrong did and anything that could put a barrier in her way crept in. but her ‘why’ is the reason she hasn’t flown the white flag. Her ‘why’ is the reason she is breaking down the barriers and continuing to persist with her dream. “A goal without a plan is just a wish’ – Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Maya Angelou wrote “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.’

How to find your ‘why’

To explain this I have to tell you my ‘why’ and the reason is that your ‘why’ is so personal to you and this is the reason everyone even if they share the same industry will have a different ‘why.’

I am 31 years old and a mother of five (5) children, yes 5, I know I’m crazy, but what I don’t have in money I have in love! My ‘why’ is my children, they are the reason I wake up in the morning (yes they are the ones that wake me up) and they are the reason I strive to be better and want to create a better future for us all to enjoy.

I could have joined Avon or any other MLM to stay at home with my kids. Yes, they work for some, however, they are not my passion and this meant no matter how many hours or how many kilometres I would’ve walked handing out flyers, I was never going to be successful. I want to help other small business owners get back to their ‘why,’ and I do this by taking off their hand’s tasks that they are finding hard to complete, which in turn affects business and their ability to function. Knowing I can lighten the load for them, to not only be able to go and watch their own child’s assemblies but to also be able to focus on their business.

Like any mother, I will move heaven and earth to provide for my children and by using my skills and strengths to help others I am being able to focus on my ‘why.’

My ‘WHY’
One last quote that pretty much sums this up. “The siren call for many entrepreneurs isn’t money, it’s freedom. The freedom to chart your own pat, the freedom to build what you want with the people you love.’ – Andrew Wilkinsons, Founder of Metalab and Flow

Let us work together to leave a better future for those whom will come after us.

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