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Remote Monitoring Management and it’s Benefits!

30 November 2017 Help2u 0 Comments

Hard drive, optical drive, motherboard, solid state drive, operating system, applications, anti-virus, malware, video card….. am I speaking your language? Chances are I’m not. A great number of us are computer users, but does that mean we are computer literate?

In today’s world, computers and technology are generally in the palm of our hands, we are running our businesses and our lives off of our phones and computers, in the same way, we used to ‘pencil that in the dairy.’

Now that we have established we run our lives on our technology, is servicing this equipment necessary, or even completed? I would hazard a guess and say that maybe 80% or higher of small to medium businesses do not have internal I.T. nor do they regularly service or monitor their I.T. equipment! I understand this is a big call, but think about it when was the last time you took your computer in for a service, without something being wrong with it first?

R.M.M (Remote Monitoring Management) is a great way to look after your equipment, after all, we have established how crucial it is in running your business.

There are many benefits of R.M.M, and we can go into great depths of discussions with words like, preventative maintenance, disaster recovery, or we can give you a snapshot of exactly what it does without boring you with the mumbo jumbo.

1) Monitor your hardware (Ram, Hard drive, CPU, SSD etc.) Sending alerts to your I.T Professional if something is ‘misfiring’ before tragedy strikes.

2) Monitor your Software and Applications (Word, Internet Browser, Anti-virus etc.) Making sure each and every application and program is working to its optimal capability.

3) Monitor and detect malicious programs like Malware, Spyware and Adware as well as Viruses and possible hacking situations.

4) Detect if you are low on space or overheating.

All of this and much more can be detected and monitored remotely with an R.M.M plan.

Perhaps the main and most crucial point to make is if disaster struck and you were left without your workspace or heaven forbid you lost all of your data, what would that mean to your business and your bottom line? Not only would you be looking at the cost of replacing said equipment, but the loss of sales or clients, the bills are stacking up!

Never was the word uttered ‘I’m glad my computer died, in the middle of my work!’ Play it safe and contact Help2u either via their Facebook page @help2ucomau or via their website, www.help2u.com.au We can tailor a package to suit your business, no matter how many computers you have.

Let us work together to leave a better future for those whom will come after us.

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