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New Netflix email scam phishing for credit cards

14 April 2018 Help2u 0 Comments

A new Netflix email scam attempting to steal credit card information has been detected by Help2u.

The scam message tells the recipient that Netflix ‘failed to validate’ their payment and that they need to log into their Netflix account to ‘verify’ their ‘billing and payment details’.

In the screenshot below you can see the scam Netflix email message:

The message warns the recipient that ‘failure to complete the validation process’ will result in their Netflix account being cancelled. This attempt to create urgency in the would-be victim is a classic hallmark of email scams. The criminals hope that making their victim feel stressed or flustered will avoid them noticing anything suspicious and encourage them to go along with the scam.

If the victim does click on the ‘verification’ link in the email they are taken to a phishing website set up to look like a real Netflix login page:

The fake login page will collect the victim’s email address and Netflix password and then send them to a page that harvests their credit card details including 3 digit security code and expiry date:

This scam has been very well executed with high quality graphical elements in the email message and phishing page, so it’s easy to imagine that it could potentially trick a lot of unsuspecting people.

This is not the first Netflixbased scam Help2u has seen recently. Netflix is a popular and well trusted company, so their branding makes a good lure for cybercriminals looking to deceive people.

If you see an email from Netflix today, please exercise caution and make sure it is a legitimate communication before you open it.

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