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Focus On The Long-Term

30 December 2020 Help2u 0 Comments

Scale and Grow your business.

Make Millions of dollars in sales.

Be featured in Forbes.

Get new Liker’s on our Facebook Page.

Grow our Instagram following by 10k.

These are all fantastic goals, some may be relevant and achievable in a short amount of time and some may take years to achieve, figuring out what your goals are and then categorising them into short and long term goals will inevitably allow you to prioritise them and the steps in which you will need to take to achieve them.

With direction comes clarity and with clarity you can build strategies to get you to said goals.

For SMEs, the decision to invest in brand awareness or lead generation can be a tricky one. Building brand awareness is about increasing the size of your audience over time, while lead generation is about quickly capturing the interest of a select group of potential customers. Ideally, the two should work together to reinforce the overall digital marketing strategy, as both are crucial to moving a business forward.

That said, there are times when focusing more on brand awareness is important – especially when a business is just starting out. Building brand awareness is a great way to lay the groundwork for lead generation. And an increase in quality leads means an increase in sales.

Today, In a world where customer experience has to come first, marketers and business owners have an opportunity to architect the path to growth through sales and service, as well.

Jeff Vocell, Hubspot

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