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Don’t Just Write About Your Products & Services

28 September 2021 Help2u 0 Comments

Don’t just write about your products or services on your blog, socials or anywhere really. It’s all about connecting with your audience!

This can immediately alienate anyone who isn’t already close to purchasing. Instead, invest the time in learning about what your target audience is interested in, and develop content that aligns these interests with what your brand can offer.

For example, if you’re selling coffee makers, you might create a blog series that looks at different ways to improve your morning routine. If you are offering a VA service you may consider creating social media posts about time efficacy and/or the benefits of delegating tasks.

Sell a SOLUTION not just a PRODUCT


Understanding buyer stages allows you to connect with your audience in their buyer journey stages. For example, if your audience is in the awareness stage, you should be framing your communication with an introductory tone and outlining why your service or product is going to solve their problem.

Understanding and connecting with your audience will enable you to address your ideal clients pain points and to outline how your product/service addresses or alleviates these issues. This forms the platform for all of your advertising and marketing campaigns.

For many brands and businesses today, there’s a greater push to be customer-centric and focus on user experience. Naturally, this has lead marketers to think about new ways to put the needs of the customers at the heart of decision-making.

When it comes to improving the appeal of your business, it’s worth thinking about the jobs that are causing headaches in your customers’ lives, then creating content that will immediately solve their problem, therein positioning yourself as a thought leader.

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