30 November 2017 0 Comments

Hard drive, optical drive, motherboard, solid state drive, operating system, applications, anti-virus, malware, video card..... am I speaking your language? Chances are I'm not. A great number of us are computer users, but

22 November 2017 0 Comments

Are you the only business in your field? Chances are, 'hell to the no.'  Does this mean you can't make money? The answer to this is also a resounding NO! Yes it's true

19 November 2017 0 Comments

What is your WHY? I am talking about finding or rediscovering the 'why' in business. Chances are you did not start your business for no reason, generally, we are driven by something. This

13 November 2017 0 Comments

I am not a philosophical person, or am I? I often find myself caught up in my own thoughts, trying to figure out why something happened or what will happen. The other day